Men Like Gods

Men Like Gods was published in 1923, entering the public domain in the US on Jan. 1, 2019.
Dedication: "To Florence Lamont, in whose home at Englewood this story was christened."

Table of Contents

Book the First - The Irruption of the Earthlings - Mr. Barnstaple Takes a Holiday

2. The Wonderful Road

3. The Beautiful People

4. The Shadow of Einstein Falls Across the Story but Passes Lightly by

5. The Governance and History of Utopia

6. Some Earthly Criticisms

7. The Bringing in of Lord Barralonga's Party

8. Early Morning in Utopia

Book the Second - Quarantine Crag - 1. The Epidemic

2. The Castle on the Crag

3. Mr. Barnstaple as a Traitor to Mankind

4. The End of Quarantine Crag

Book the Third - A Neophyte in Utopia - 1. The Peaceful Hills Beside the River

2. A Loiterer in a Living World

3. The Service of the Earthling

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