A picture for the book The First Men in the Moon

The First Men in the Moon

The First Men in the Moon was first published in 1901. Caption on the frontispiece illustration (right): "I was progressing in great leaps and bounds."

Chapter 1: Mr. Bedford Meets Mr. Cavor at Lympne

Chapter 2: The First Making of Cavorite

Chapter 3: The Building of the Sphere

Chapter 4: Inside the Sphere

Chapter 5: The Journey to the Moon

Chapter 6: The Landing on the Moon

Chapter 7: Sunrise on the Moon

Chapter 8: A Lunar Morning

Chapter 9: Prospecting Begins

Chapter 10: Lost Men in the Moon

Chapter 11: The Mooncalf Pastures

Chapter 12: The Selenite's Face

Chapter 13: Mr. Cavor Makes Some Suggestions

Chapter 14: Experiments in Intercourse

Chapter 15: The Giddy Bridge

Chapter 16: Points of View

Chapter 17: The Fight in the Cave of the Moon Butchers

Chapter 18: In the Sunlight

Chapter 19: Mr. Bedford Alone

Chapter 20: Mr. Bedford in Infinite Space

Chapter 21: Mr. Bedford at Little Stone

Chapter 22: The Astonishing Communication of Mr. Julius Wendigee

Chapter 23: An Abstract of the Six Messages First Received from Mr. Cavor

Chapter 24: The Natural History of the Selenites

Chapter 25: The Grand Lunar

Chapter 26: The Last Message Cavor Sent to the Earth

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