The Food of the Gods

The Food of the Gods

The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth is Wells' lesser known work of science fiction (1904) wreaking in satire, in which so-called "scientists" invent a superfood that grows children into giants (as if parents need BIGGER problems with their teenagers!). It was made into several B-movies, including Village of the Giants (1965), featuring an 11-year old Ron Howard who creates the "goo." His novel is featured in Foodie Books and Dystopian Stories.

"'Jab!' a fresh supply of the Food of the Gods was let loose to wreak its powers of giantry upon the world."

The Food of the Gods, Village of the Giants poster, 1965

Table of Contents

Book I - Chapter the First - The Discovery of the Food

Chapter the Second - The Experimental Farm

Chapter the Third - The Giant Rats

Chapter the Fourth - The Giant Children

Chapter the Fifth - The MInimificence of Mr. Bensington

Book II - Chapter the First - The Coming of the Food

Chapter the Second - The Brat Gigantic

Book III - Chapter the First - The Altered World

Chapter the Second - The Giant Lovers

Chapter the Third - Young Caddles in London

Chapter the Fourth - Redwood's Two Days

Chapter the Fifth - The Giant Leaguer

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