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The Sleeper Awakes

The Sleeper Awakes (1910) is a revised edition of the original, When the Sleeper Awakens (1899). It is a fantastic dystopian tale about a man who sleeps for two hundred and three years. When he awakens, the income in his bank accounts has compounded making him the richest man in the world. Graham, the main character is a fanatical socialist and finds that his dreams have been realized, alongside a horrible litany of unintended consequences.

The Sleeper Awakes: Up Ladders

Art by Henri Lanos, "The Sleeper Awakes" 1899

The Sleeper Awakes: Awake

The Sleeper Awakes: Flight

The Sleeper Awakes: Flight

Chapter I: Insomnia

Chapter II: The Trance

Chapter III: The Awakening

Chapter IV: The Sound of the Tumult

Chapter V: Moving Ways

Chapter VI: The Hall of Atlas

Chapter VII: In the Silent Rooms

Chapter VIII: The Roof Spaces

Chapter IX: The People March

Chapter X: The Battle of the Darkness

Chapter XI: The Old Man Who Knew Everything

Chapter XII: Ostrog

Chapter XIII: The End of the Old Ruler

Chapter XIV: From the Crow's Nest

Chapter XV: Prominent People

Chapter XVI: The Aerophile

Chapter XVII: Three Days

Chapter XVIII: Graham Remembers

Chapter XIX: Ostrog's Point of View

Chapter XX: In the City Ways

Chapter XXI: The Under Side

Chapter XXII: The Struggle in the Council House

Chapter XXIII: While the Aeroplanes Were Coming

Chapter XIV: The Coming of the Aeroplanes

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