The Chronicles of Clovis

The Chronicles of Clovis

The Chronicles of Clovis is SAKI's third collection of short stories, published in 1911. Clovis Sangrail is a disenchanted, upper class youth with a mean streak, who delights in tormenting this elders. The stories are presented as a book as a convenience to the reader; you may also enjoy the numerous short stories we feature with Reginald, a young man with a similarly snarky disposition, and not shy about articulating it! We feature SAKI's stories in The Unreliable Narrator.

Table of Contents



The Match-Maker


Mrs. Packletide's Tiger

The Stampeding of Lady Bastable

The Background

Hermann the Irascible - A Story of the Great Weep

The Unrest-Cure

The Jesting of Arlington Stringham

Sredni Vashtar


The Chaplet

The Quest


The Easter Egg

Filboid Studge, The Story of the Mouse that Helped

The Music on the Hill

The Story of St. Vespaluus

The Way to the Dairy

The Peace Offerring

The Peace of Mowsle Barton

The Talking-Out of Tarrington

The Hounds of Fate

The Recessional

A Matter of Sentiment

The Secret Six of Septimus Brope

"Ministers of Grace"

The Remoulding of Groby Lington


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