When William Came

When William Came

When William Came: A Story of London Under the Hohenzollerns (1913) is SAKI's Dystopian novel predicting a futuristic "Great War" between Germany and Great Britain in which Germany is victorious and occupies London. "William" refers to Kaiser Wilhelm II. Interestingly, Munro himself was killed during World War I by a German sniper while fighting in the 22nd Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers. [Photo by Reichard & Lindner, Wilhelm II, 1905.]

Table of Contents

Chapter I: The Singing-Bird and the Barometer

Chapter II: The Homescoming

Chapter III: The Metzkie Tsar

Chapter IV: "Es Ist Verboten"

Chapter V: L'Art D'Etre Cousine

Chapter VI: Herr Van Kwarl

Chapter VII: The Lure

Chapter VIII: The First-Night

Chapter IX: An Evening "To Be Remembered"

Chapter X: A Reflection and a "Te Deum"

Chapter XI: The Tea Shop

Chapter XII: The Travelling Companions

Chapter XIII: The Torywood

Chapter XIV: "A Perfectly Glorious Afternoon"

Chapter XV: The Intelligent Anticipator of Wants

Chapter XVI: Sunrise

Chapter XVII: The Event of the Season

Chapter XVIII: The Dead Who Do Not Understand

Chapter XIX: The Little Foxes

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