The American Language

The American Language

The American Language: A Preliminary Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States (1919) is considered H.L. Mencken's groundbreaking work. For the convenience of students and teachers, we have excerpted as an essay from this book, American Slang

Table of Contents


Chapter I - By Way of Introduction

Chapter I - Footnotes

Chapter II - The Beginnings of American

Chapter II - Footnotes

Chapter III - The Period of Growth

Chapter III - Footnotes

Chapter IV - American and English Today

Chapter IV - Footnotes

Chapter V - Tendencies in American

Chapter V - Footnotes

Chapter VI - The Common Speech

Chapter VI - Footnotes

Chapter VII - Differences in Spelling

Chapter VII - Footnotes

Chapter VIII - Proper Names in America

Chapter VIII - Footnotes

Chapter IX - Miscellanea

Chapter IX - Footnotes


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