The Story of Benjamin Franklin

The Story of Benjamin Franklin

The Story of Benjamin Franklin was published in Baldwin's book for young Americans, Four Great Americans: Washington, Franklin, Webster, Lincoln (1897). Perfect for young or reluctant readers who are building confidence with chapter books. Enjoy reading more about Benjamin Franklin and his famous quotations from Poor Richard's Almanack.

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Table of Contents

To the Young Reader

Chapter I: The Whistle

Chapter II: School Days

Chapter III: The Boys and the Wharf

Chapter IV: Choosing a Trade

Chapter V: How Franklin Educated Himself

Chapter VI: Farewell to Boston

Chapter VII: The First Day in Philadelphia

Chapter VIII: Governor William Keith

Chapter IX: The Return to Philadelphia

Chapter X: The First Visit to England

Chapter XI: A Leading Man in Philadelphia

Chapter XII: Franklin's Rules of Life

Chapter XIII: Franklin's Services to the Colonies

Chapter XIV: Franklin's Wonderful Kite

Chapter XV: The Last Years

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