The Story of George Washington

The Story of George Washington

The Story of George Washington was published in Baldwin's book for young Americans, Four Great Americans: Washington, Franklin, Webster, Lincoln (1897). Perfect for young or reluctant readers to build confidence reading chapter books.

Find out more about George Washington. You might enjoy reading Theodore Roosevelt's biography, George Washington: Hero Tales from American History, as well as the popular myth retold by James Baldwin, George Washington and His Hatchet.

Visit George Washington for a brief biography, his writings and speeches.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: When Washington Was a Boy

Chapter II: His Home

Chapter III: His Schools and Schoolmasters

Chapter IV: Going to Sea

Chapter V: The Young Surveyor

Chapter VI: The Ohio Country

Chapter VII: A Change of Circumstances

Chapter VIII: A Perilous Journey

Chapter IX: His First Battle

Chapter X: The French and Indian War

Chapter XI: The Mutterings of the Storm

Chapter XII: The Beginning of the War

Chapter XIII: Independence

Chapter XIV: The First President

Chapter XV: 'First in the Hearts of His Countrymen'

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