The Wonder

The Wonder

The Wonder is the shorted title from the original, The Hampdenshire Wonder, first published in 1911. It is one of the first science fiction novels describing a wunderkind. Victor Stott, the son of a famous cricket player, has a slight deformity accounting for his extraordinarily powerful brain. The character may be Beresford's reference to his mentor, H.G. Wells's father, Joseph Wells. [Illustration by Rudolf Wilke, The Wunderkind, 1896.]

Table of Contents

Part One - My Early Associations with Ginger Stott - Chapter I

Part One - Chapter II

Part One - Chapter III

Part Two - The Childhood of the Wonder - Chapter IV

Part Two - Chapter V

Part Two - Chapter VI

Part Two - Chapter VII

Part Two - Chapter VIII


The Wonder Among Books - Chapter IX

Chapter XX

Chapter XXI

Chapter XXII

Chapter XXIII

Part Three - My Association with the Wonder - Chapter XXIV

Part Three - Chapter XXV

Part Three - Chapter XXVI

Part Three - Chapter XXVII

Part Three - Chapter XXVIII

Part Three - Chapter XXIX - Epilogue

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