The Room in the Dragon Volant

The Room in the Dragon Volant is from Le Fanu's three volume collection, In a Glass Darkly, first published in 1872. The collection featured Le Fanu's most famous work, the original lady vampire gothic novel, Carmilla.

Table of Contents


Chapter I - On the Road

Chapter II - The Inn-Yard of the Belle Etoile

Chapter III - Death and Love Together Mated

Chapter IV - Monsieur Droqville

Chapter V - Supper at the Belle Etoile

Chapter VI - The Naked Sword

Chapter VII - The White Rose

Chapter VIII - A Three Minutes' Visit

Chapter IX - Gossip and Counsel

Chapter X - The Black Veil

Chapter XI - The Dragon Volant

Chapter XII - The Magician

Chapter XIII - The Oracle Tells Me Wonders

Chapter XIV - Mademoiselle De La Valliere

Chapter XV - Strange Stories of the Dragon Volant

Chapter XVI - The Parc of the Chateau De La Parque

Chapter XVII - The Tenant of the Palanquin

Chapter XVIII - The Church Yard

Chapter XIX - The Key

Chapter XX - High-Cauld Cap

Chapter XXI - I See Three Men in a Mirror

Chapter XXII - Rapture

Chapter XXIII - A Cup of Coffee

Chapter XXIV - Hope

Chapter XXV - Despair

Chapter XXVI - Castrophe

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