Off on a Comet

Off on a Comet

Off on a Comet-- or Hector Servadac is Verne's departure from scientific-based, in favor of a more fairy tale-like fantasy, requiring the reader's suspended belief after Earth and a comet's collision. Originally published in 1877, it was retrieved from Amazing Stories, April and May, 1926. "Scarcely a yard of ground was left unexplored. The horses clearing every obstacle, as if they were like Pegasus, furnished with wings."

Table of Contents


Book I - Chapter I - A Challenge

Book I - Chapter II - Captain Servadac and His Orderly

Book I - Chapter III - Uninterrupted Effusions

Book I - Chapter IV - A Convulsion of Nature

Book I - Chapter V - A Mysterious Sea

Book I - Chapter VI - The Captain Makes an Exploration

Book I - Chapter VII - Ben Zoof Wateches In Vain

Book I - Chapter VIII - Venus in Perilous Proximity

Book I - Chapter IX - Inquiries Unsatisfied

Book I - Chapter X - A Search for Algeria

Book I - Chapter XI - An Island Tomb

Book I - Chapter XII - At the Mercy of the Winds

Book I - Chapter XIII - A Royal Salute

Book I - Chapter XIV - Sensitive Nationality

Book I - Chapter XV - An Enigma from the Sea

Book I - Chapter XVI - A Residuum Op a Continent

Book I - Chapter XVII - A Second Enigma

Book I - Chapter XVIII - An Unexpected Population

Book I - Chapter XIX - Gallia's Governor General

Book I - Chapter XX - A Light on the Horizon

Book I - Chapter XXI - Winter Quarters

Book I - Chapter XXII - A Frozen Ocean

Book I - Chapter XXIII - A Carrier Pigeon

Book I - Chapter XXIV - A Sledge-Ride

Book II - Chapter I - The Astronomer

Book II - Chapter II - A Revelation

Book II - Chapter III - The Professor's Experiences

Book II - Chapter IV - A Revised Calendar

Book II - Chapter V - Wanted: A Steelyard

Book II - Chapter VI - Money at a Premium

Book II - Chapter VII - Gallia Weighed

Book II - Chapter VIII - Jupiter Somewhat Close

Book II - Chapter IX - Market Prices in Gallia

Book II - Chapter X - Far Into Space

Book II - Chapter XI - A Fete Day

Book II - Chapter XII - The Bowels of the Comet

Book II - Chapter XIII - Dreary Months

Book II - Chapter XIV - The Professor Perplexed

Book II - Chapter XV - A Journey and a Disappointment

Book II - Chapter XVI - A Bold Proposition

Book II - Chapter XVII - The Venture Made

Book II - Chapter XVIII - Suspense

Book II - Chapter XIX - Back Again

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