A Daughter of Jehu

A Daughter of Jehu was published in 1918.

Table of Contents


Chapter I - Cyrus

Chapter II - Enter Kitty

Chapter III - Ross House

Chapter IV - The Home Guard

Chapter V - The Neighbors

Chapter VI - Johanna Ex Machina

Chapter VII - A Symposium

Chapter VIII - The Trivial Round

Chapter IX - The Skeleton in Cyrus' Cupboard

Chapter X - The Party

Chapter XI - On the Rialto

Chapter XII - Wilson Wimberley Wibird

Chapter XIII - Pilot

Chapter XIV - Johanna Rediviva

Chapter XV - Largely Literary

Chapter XVI - Psycho-Cardiac Processes

Chapter XVII - Kitty Sings

Chapter XVIII - Old Love and New

Chapter XIX - "The Trivial Round"

Chapter XX - The Pan-American

Chapter XXI - The Tribulations of Cyrus

Chapter XXII - The Duke of Lee

Chapter XXIII - Haste to the Wedding!

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