Abigail Adams and Her Times

Abigail Adams and Her Times

Abigail Adams and Her Times (1917) is a chapter book biography intended for young people, written by Laura E. Richards. Richards wrote several other biographies for young people, as well as nonsense poems and short stories for readers of all ages. Children will enjoy learning that during Abigail's time, they made pumpkins into "pyes" and milk was one penny a quart! Abigail Adams and Her Times, husband John Adams
They will also appreciate important historical events of colonial America, such as the Boston Tea Party and the challenges of a new nation through Abigail's diary and letters, particularly those exchanged with her husband who would become president, John Adams.

Dedication: "To the honored memory of Franklin Benjamin Sanborn, friend of my parents and of my children; to three generations a faithful, affectionate, and beloved counsellor."

Abigail Adams and Her Times, The Boston Tea Party

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Begins at the Beginning

Chapter II - Girlhood and Marriage

Chapter III - The Boston Massacre

Chapter IV - The Boston Tea Party

Chapter V - After Lexington

Chapter VI - Boston Blockade

Chapter VII - In Happy Braintree

Chapter VIII - Independence at Last

Chapter IX - Mr. Adams Abroad

Chapter X - The Court of St. James

Chapter XI - Vexatious Honors

Chapter XII - Afternoon and Evening


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