Mr. Hoppy Frog


Mr. Hoppy Frog is a perfect story for young children to practice phonics with fun rhyming words! Published in Three Minute Stories, illustrations by Josephine H. Bruce (1914).

Mr. Hoppy Frog

Mr. Hoppy Frog Was very, very funny; Mr. Hoppy Frog He had not any money. So he could not buy A squeaky woolly dog; It made him sigh and sob and cry, Poor Mr. Hoppy Frog! Going down the lane, He met with Mistress Kitty; When she saw his pain, Her heart was filled with pity. “Mr. Hoppy Frog, Oh! do not weep for that! To buy your woolly dog I’ll sell my Sunday hat.” Bowing down before, Said Mr. Hoppy Frog, “I love you even more Than squeaky woolly dog! Come to church with me, And wear your Sunday hat; And we’ll through life be Frog and wife, Sweet Mistress Kitty Cat!”

Enjoy this silly nonsense poem by Ms. Richards, Eletelephony, which was featured on Sesame Street for the letter "E"! Your child may also enjoy exploring more Pre-K Wordplay!


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