A Nursery Darling


Carroll's epigram to introduce The Nursery "Alice," an 1889 edition of his most famous story with text adapted to "nursery readers." We feature this poem and illustrations by E. Gertrude Thomson as a stand-alone gem, more for parents than their children.
A Nursery Darling
E.Gertrude Thomson illustration, 1889
A Mother’s breast:
Safe refuge from her childish fears,
From childish troubles, childish tears,
Mists that enshroud her dawning years!
See how in sleep she seems to sing
A voiceless psalm—an offering
Raised, to the glory of her King,
In Love: for Love is Rest.
A Darling’s kiss:
Dearest of all the signs that fleet
From lips that lovingly repeat
Again, again, their message sweet!
Full to the brim with girlish glee,
A child, a very child is she,
Whose dream of Heaven is still to be
A: Home: for Home is Bliss.

The Nursery Alice, A Nursery Darling, 1889


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