Little Men

Little Men

Little Men; or, Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys (1871) is the second book in the Little Women trilogy. Louisa May Alcott details the life of Jo Bhaer and the students at the Plumfield Estate School that Jo runs with her husband Professor Bhaer. The novel features cameo appearances from most of the characters in the previous books and begins with the arrival of young Nathaniel "Nat" Blake, a shy orphan with a talent for the violin and tendency to fib. You may also enjoy reading her collection of personal writing, Louisa May Alcott: Her Life, Letters, and Journals.

Little Men, I'm not hurt

Table of Contents

Chapter I. Nat

Chapter II. The Boys

Chapter III. Sunday

Chapter IV. Stepping-Stones

Chapter V. Pattypans

Chapter VI. A Fire Brand

Chapter VII. Naughty Nan

Chapter VIII. Pranks and Plays

Chapter IX. Daisy's Ball

Chapter X. Home Again

Chapter XI. Uncle Teddy

Chapter XII. Huckleberries

Chapter XIII. Goldilocks

Chapter XIV. Damon and Pythias

Chapter XV. In the Willow

Chapter XVI. Taming the Colt

Chapter XVII. Composition Day

Chapter XVIII. Crops

Chapter XIX. John Brooke

Chapter XX. Round the Fire

Chapter XXI. Thanksgiving

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