Under the Lilacs

Table of Contents

Chapter I. A Mysterious Dog

Chapter II. Where They Found His Master

Chapter III. Ben

Chapter IV. His Story

Chapter V. Ben Gets a Place

Chapter VI. A Circulating Library

Chapter VII. New Friends Trot In

Chapter VIII. Miss Celia's Man

Chapter IX. A Happy Tea

Chapter X. A Heavy Trouble

Chapter XI. Sunday

Chapter XII. Good Times

Chapter XIII. Somebody Runs Away

Chapter XIV. Somebody Gets Lost

Chapter XV. Ben's Ride

Chapter XVI. Detective Thornton

Chapter XVII. Betty's Bravery

Chapter XVIII. Bows and Arrows

Chapter XIX. Speaking Pieces

Chapter XX. Ben's Birthday

Chapter XXI. Cupid's Last Appearance

Chapter XXII. A Boy's Bargain

Chapter XXIII. Somebody Comes

Chapter XXIV. The Great Gate is Opened

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