Anne of Avonlea

Anne of Avonlea

Anne of Avonlea is considered the sequel to Montgomery's most popular book, Anne of Green Gables. It chronicles the life of Anne Shirley from the age of 16-18, when she takes on the post of teaching at the Avonlea School in Nova Scotia.

Flowers spring to blossom where she walks 
The careful ways of duty, 
Our hard, stiff lines of life with her 
Are flowing curves of beauty. 

Table of Contents

Chapter I - An Irate Neighbor

Chapter II - Selling at Haste and Repenting at Leisure

Chapter III - Mr. Harrison at Home

Chapter IV - Different Opinions

Chapter V - A Full-fledged School Ma'am

Chapter VI - All Sorts of Conditions of Men...and Women

Chapter VII - The Pointing of Duty

Chapter VIII - Marilla Adopts Twins

Chapter IX - A Question of Color

Chapter X - Davy in Search of a Sensation

Chapter XI - Facts and Fancies

Chapter XII - A Jonah Day

Chapter XIII - A Golden Picnic

Chapter XIV - A Danger Averted

Chapter XV - The Beginning of Vacation

Chapter XVI - The Substance of Things Hoped For

Chapter XVII - A Chapter of Accidents

Chapter XVIII - An Adventure on the Tory Road

Chapter XIX - Just a Happy Day

Chapter XX - The Way It Often Happens

Chapter XXI - Sweet Miss Lavendar

Chapter XXII - Odds and Ends

Chapter XXIII - Miss Lavendar's Romance

Chapter XXIV - A Prophet in His Own Country

Chapter XXV - An Avonlea Scandal

Chapter XXVI - Around the Bend

Chapter XXVII - An Afternoon at the Stone House

Chapter XXVIII - The Prince Comes Back to the Enchanted Palace

Chapter XXIX - Poetry and Prose

Chapter XXX - A Wedding at the Stone House

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