A Tramp Abroad

A Tramp Abroad

A Tramp Abroad was published by Samuel Longhorne Clemens in 1880.

A Tramp Abroad coverA Tramp Abroad, Paint a Turner

Table of Contents

Chapter I - The Knighted Knave of Bergen

Chapter II - Landing a Monarch at Heidelberg

Chapter III - Baker's Bluejay Yarn

Chapter IV - Student Life - The Laborious Beer King

Chapter V - At the Students' Dueling-Ground

Chapter VI - A Sport That Sometimes Kills

Chapter VII - How Bismark Fought

Chapter VIII - The Great French Duel

Chapter IX - What the Beautiful Maiden Said

Chapter X - How Wagner Operas Bang Along

Chapter XI - I Paint a Turner

Chapter XII - What the Wives Saved

Chapter XIII - My Long Crawl in the Dark

Chapter XIV - Rafting Down the Neckar

Chapter XV - Charming Waterside Pictures

Chapter XVI - An Ancient Legend of the Rhine [The Lorelei]

Chapter XVII - Why Germans Wear Spectacles

Chapter XVIII - The Kindly Courtesy of the Germans

Chapter XIX - The Deadly Jest of Dilsberg

Chapter XX - My Precious, Priceless Tear-Jug

Chapter XXI - Insolent Shopkeepers and Gambling Americans

Chapter XXII - The Blackforest and its Treasures

Chapter XXIII - Nicodemus Dodge and the Skeleton

Chapter XXIV - I Protect the Empress of Germany

Chapter XXV - Hunted by the Little Chamois

Chapter XXVI - The Nest of the Cuckoo-Clock

Chapter XXVII - I Spare an Awful Bore

Chapter XXVIII - The Jodel and Its Native Wilds

Chapter XXIX - Looking West for Sunrise

Chapter XXX - Harris Climbs Mountains for Me

Chapter XXXI - Alp-scaling by Carriage

Chapter XXXII - The Jungfrau, the Bride, and the Piano

Chapter XXXIII - We Climb Far - By Buggie

Chapter XXXIV - The World's Highest Pig Farm

Chapter XXXV - Swindling the Coroner

Chapter XXXVI - The Fiendish Fun of Alf Climbing

Chapter XXXVII - Our Imposing Column Starts Upward

Chapter XXXVIII - I Concur the Gorner Grat

Chapter XXXIX - We Travel by Glacier

Chapter XL - Piteous Relics at Chamonix

Chapter XLI - The Featful Disaster of 1865

Chapter XLII - Chillon Has a Nice, Roomy Dungeon

Chapter XLIII - My Poor, Sick Friend Disappointed

Chapter XLIV - I Scale Mont Blanc by Telescope

Chapter XLV - A Catastrophe Which Costs Eleven Lives

Chapter XLVI - Meeting a Hog on a Precipice

Chapter XLVII - Queer European Manners

Chapter XLVIII - Beauty of Women - And of Old Masters

Chapter XLIX - Hanged with a Golden Rope

Chapter L - Titian Bad and Titian Good

Appendix A - The Portier

Appendix B - Heidelberg Castle

Appendix C - The College Prison

Appendix D - The Awful German Language

Appendix E - Legend of the Castles

Appendix F - German Journals

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