The Window at the White Cat

The Window at the White Cat

The White Cat, Rinehart's mystery in which Mr. Jack Knox, attorney-at-law, has to figure out who murdered his client Margery's father, where her aunt disappeared, and why valuables were stolen-- all before he disappears next. Oh, and did we mention the young lady's fiance is a suspect and that The White Cat is a clandestine political club, known for serving beer, illegal favors, along with an occasional murder. Our favorite Jack Knox quote: "In my criminal work anything that wears skirts is a lady, until the law proves her otherwise." Enjoy Ms. Rinehart's who-done-it, first published in 1910.

Photo by Tomas Castelazo, Broken window, 2009

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Sentiment and Clues

Chapter II - Uneasy Apprehensions

Chapter III - Ninety-Eight Pearls

Chapter IV - A Thief in the Night

Chapter V - Little Miss Jane

Chapter VI - A Foundation Pen

Chapter VII - Concerning Margery

Chapter VIII - Too Late

Chapter IX - Only One Eye Closed

Chapter X - Breaking the News

Chapter XI - A Night in the Fleming Home

Chapter XII - My Commission

Chapter XIII - Sizzling Metal

Chapter XIV - A Walk in the Park

Chapter XV - Find the Woman

Chapter XVI - Eleven Twenty-Two Again

Chapter XVII - His Second Wife

Chapter XVIII - Edith's Cousin

Chapter XIX - Back to Bellwood

Chapter XX - Association of Ideas

Chapter XXI - A Proscenium Box

Chapter XXII - In the Room Over the Way

Chapter XXIII - A Box of Crown Derby

Chapter XXIV - Wardrop's Story

Chapter XXV - Measure for Measure

Chapter XXVI - Lovers and a Letter

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