The Big Town

by Ring Lardner

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Cast of Characters

KATE...a small-town girl with big league ideas...and $75,000!

And these are some of the characters Katie met in the big city...

Francis Griffin...a bachelor who cleaned up on Wall Street. matter how old you'd guess he was, he was older.

Ritchey...a chauffeur with looks, a limousine, and lots of free time.

Lady Perkins...a society dame who could really put on the dog.

Bob Codd...a famous aviator, until a little something went wrong.

Herbert Daley...he owned a string of race horses and developed a taste for women.

Sid Mercer...a good-looking jockey who didn't have much strength of character.

Jimmy Ralston...a comedian who didn't think too much of himself.

And here are some of the REAL characters you'll meet...

William Jennings Bryan...he always looked like somebody was tickling his feet.

Ziggy...he ran a little show.

Ed Wynn...he borrowed a couple of ideas, just to get a flop off his hands.

Man o' War...he could run, too.

Burleigh Grimes...the Dodgers' spitball pitcher was just a prop in a play.


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