Two Fusiliers


Two Fusiliers is featured in Graves' collection, Fairies and Fusiliers (1918).
Two Fusiliers
Fred C. Palmer, Royal Fusiliers portrait near Herne Bay, 1914-1918
And have we done with War at last?
Well, we've been lucky devils both,
And there's no need of pledge or oath
To bind our lovely friendship fast,
By firmer stuff
Close bound enough.

By wire and wood and stake we're bound,
By Fricourt and by Festubert,
By whipping rain, by the sun's glare,
By all the misery and loud sound,
By a Spring day,
By Picard clay.

Show me the two so closely bound
As we, by the red bond of blood,
By friendship, blossoming from mud,
By Death: we faced him, and we found
Beauty in Death,
In dead men breath.

Featured in our collection of World War I Literature. You might also enjoy 100 Great Poems.


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