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King Henry V

"Short live the King!" Shakespeare's tragedy is about the short life and rule of Henry V, who served as King from 1413 to 1422 and died at 36. King Henry V, also called Henry V was probably written by Shakespeare in 1599. One of our favorite one-line Shakespeare insults from this play: “[Thine] face is not worth sunburning.”

Table of Contents

Dramatis Personae


ACT I - Scene I.

ACT I - Scene II.

ACT II - Prologue.

ACT II - Scene I.

ACT II - Scene II.

ACT II - Scene III.

ACT II - Scene IV.

ACT III - Prologue.

ACT III - Scene I.

ACT III - Scene II.

ACT III - Scene III.

ACT III - Scene IV.

ACT III - Scene V.

ACT III - Scene VI.

ACT III - Scene VII.

ACT IV - Prologue.

ACT IV - Scene I.

ACT IV - Scene II.

ACT IV - Scene III.

ACT IV - Scene IV.

ACT IV - Scene V.

ACT IV - Scene VI.

ACT IV - Scene VII.

ACT IV - Scene VIII.

ACT V - Prologue.

ACT V - Scene I.

ACT V - Scene II.


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