King Lear

King Lear

William Shakespeare's tragedy about what can go wrong when an aged King tries to divvy powers amongst his three daughters, Cordelia, Regan, and Goneril. Written in 1605 and first performed in 1606, the role of King Lear remains coveted by fine actors world-wide.

Table of Contents

Dramatis Personae

ACT I - Scene I.

ACT I - Scene II.

ACT I - Scene III.

ACT I - Scene IV.

ACT I - Scene V.

ACT II - Scene I.

ACT II - Scene II.

ACT II - Scene III.

ACT II - Scene IV.

ACT III - Scene I.

ACT III - Scene II.

ACT III - Scene III.

ACT III - Scene IV.

ACT III - Scene V.

ACT III - Scene VI.

ACT III - Scene VII.

ACT IV - Scene I.

ACT IV - Scene II.

ACT IV - Scene III.

ACT IV - Scene IV.

ACT IV - Scene V.

ACT IV - Scene VI.

ACT IV - Scene VII.

ACT V - Scene I.

ACT V - Scene II.

ACT V - Scene III.

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