Shakespeare's tragedy, also called The Tragedy of Macbeth was probably first performed in 1606. Shakespeare offers a lesson in the perils of being overly ambitious and consumed by guilt. How far he fell, from celebrated war hero to a waif of a man, suffering all forms of physical and psychological damage. Don't hark to Lady MacBeth's counsel, there's few or none will entertain it thee doth!

Song of the Witches, Macbeth, Act IV, sc. i

Table of Contents

Dramatis Personae

ACT I - Scene I

ACT I - Scene II

ACT I - Scene III

ACT I - Scene IV

ACT I - Scene V

ACT I - Scene VI

ACT I - Scene VII

ACT II - Scene I

ACT II - Scene II

ACT II - Scene III

ACT II - Scene IV

ACT III - Scene I

ACT III - Scene II


ACT III - Scene IV

ACT III - Scene V

ACT III - Scene VI

ACT IV - Scene I

ACT IV - Scene II

ACT IV - Scene III

ACT V - Scene I

ACT V - Scene II

ACT V - Scene III

ACT V - Scene IV

ACT V - Scene V

ACT V - Scene VI

ACT V - Scene VII

ACT V - Scene VIII

ACT V - Scene IX

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