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Shakespeare's tragedy, Macbeth was probably first performed in 1606. Shakespeare offers us a lesson in the extreme of the perils of being overly ambitious and consumed by guilt. How far he fell, from celebrated war hero to a waif of a man, suffering all forms of physical and psychological damage. A takeaway lesson for us all: don't hire someone like Lady Macbeth as your political advisor, that's for certain!

Dramatis Personae

ACT I - Scene I

ACT I - Scene II

ACT I - Scene III

ACT I - Scene IV

ACT I - Scene V

ACT I - Scene VI

ACT I - Scene VII

ACT II - Scene I

ACT II - Scene II

ACT II - Scene III

ACT II - Scene IV

ACT III - Scene I

ACT III - Scene II


ACT III - Scene IV

ACT III - Scene V

ACT III - Scene VI

ACT IV - Scene I

ACT IV - Scene II

ACT IV - Scene III

ACT V - Scene I

ACT V - Scene II

ACT V - Scene III

ACT V - Scene IV

ACT V - Scene V

ACT V - Scene VI

ACT V - Scene VII

ACT V - Scene VIII

ACT V - Scene IX

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