Classroom Reading

We would like to introduce you to our new service Classroom Reading. The service allows you to quickly and easily create and share on-line course content with your students. The service consists of two different software applications: one for teachers to create content, a second for students to consume the content. This is a great way to bring technology into your classroom, and it gives your students access to over 15,000 books, novellas, stories, essays, and poems at no cost to them.

Here is an introductory video that demonstrates how easy it is to setup and use.

Head over to the Student's application and enter hawthorne into the passcode field to see the application that you share with your students. To create your own classes, register for a teacher's account and free yourself and your students from the limitations of your textbooks.

The teacher and student application are Progressive Web Apps. That means they are not limited to your browser and can be installed directly onto your home screen or desktop. The following video demonstrates how a student would install the application on an iphone -- it can also be installed on iPads, android devices, laptops and desktop computers. Now your students can easily access your class material no matter where they are, and even get some reading down while riding to and from school on the bus.