The Outlet

Table of Contents


Chapter I. Opening the Campaign

Chapter II. Organizing the Forces

Chapter III. Receiving at Los Lobos

Chapter IV. Mingling with the Exodus

Chapter V. Red River Station

Chapter VI. Camp Supply

Chapter VII. When Greek Meets Greek

Chapter VIII. En Passant

Chapter IX. At Sheriff's Creek

Chapter X. A Family Reunion

Chapter XI. All in the Day's Work

Chapter XII. Marshaling the Forces

Chapter XIII. Justice in the Saddle

Chapter XIV. Turning the Tables

Chapter XV. Tolleston Butts In

Chapter XVI. Crossing the Niobrara

Chapter XVII. Water-Bound

Chapter XVIII. The Little Missouri

Chapter XIX. In Quarantine

Chapter XX. On the Just and the Unjust

Chapter XXI. Fort Buford

Chapter XXII. A Soldier's Honor

Chapter XXIII. Kangarooed

Chapter XXIV. The Winter of our Discontent

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