A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities was published in 1859, Dickens' portrayal of life in 1775 England and France. Jarvis Lorry travels to Paris on a secret mission. Dr. Alexandre Manette was just released from the Bastille after being imprisoned for 18 years, his daughter Lucie is shocked. One of the most memorable novel openers: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Table of Contents

Book I - Chapter I. The Period

Book I - Chapter II. The Mail

Book I - Chapter III. The Night Shadows

Book I - Chapter IV. The Preparation

Book I - Chapter V. The Wine-shop

Book I - Chapter VI. The Shoemaker

Book II - Chapter I. Five Years Later

Book II - Chapter II. A Sight

Book II - Chapter III. A Disappointment

Book II - Chapter IV. Congratulatory

Book II - Chapter V. The Jackal

Book II - Chapter VI. Hundreds of People

Book II - Chapter VII. Monseigneur in Town

Book II - Chapter VIII. Monseigneur in the Country

Book II - Chapter IX. The Gorgon's Head

Book II - Chapter X. Two Promises

Book II - Chapter XI. A Companion Picture

Book II - Chapter XII. The Fellow of Delicacy

Book II - Chapter XIII. The Fellow of No Delicacy

Book II - Chapter XIV. The Honest Tradesman

Book II - Chapter XV. Knitting

Book II - Chapter XVI. Still Knitting

Book II - Chapter XVII. One Night

Book II - Chapter XVIII. Nine Days

Book II - Chapter XIX. An Opinion

Book II - Chapter XX. A Plea

Book II - Chapter XXI. Echoing Footsteps

Book II - Chapter XXII. The Sea Still Rises

Book II - Chapter XXIII. Fire Rises

Book II - Chapter XXIV. Drawn to the Loadstone Rock

Book III - Chapter I. In Secret

Book III - Chapter II. The Grindstone

Book III - Chapter III. The Shadow

Book III - Chapter IV. Calm in Storm

Book III - Chapter V. The Wood-Sawyer

Book III - Chapter VI. Triumph

Book III - Chapter VII. A Knock at the Door

Book III - Chapter VIII. A Hand at Cards

Book III - Chapter IX. The Game Made

Book III - Chapter X. The Substance of the Shadow

Book III - Chapter XI. Dusk

Book III - Chapter XII. Darkness

Book III - Chapter XIII. Fifty-two

Book III - Chapter XIV. The Knitting Done

Book III - Chapter XV. The Footsteps Die Out For Ever

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