Herland is Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 1915 feminist utopian novel about an isolated society composed entirely of women; free of war, conflict, and domination. It's narrated by a sociology student who, along with two friends, discovers the society, testing their own stereotypes. Gilman wrote the novel in the midst of World War I. It first appeared as a serial in her magazine, The Forerunner between 1909-1916. It did not appear in book form until 1979.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Not Unnatural Enterprise

Chapter 2: Rash Advances

Chapter 3: A Peculiar Imprisonment

Chapter 4: Our Venture

Chapter 5: A Unique History

Chapter 6: Comparisons Are Odious

Chapter 7: Our Growing Modesty

Chapter 8: The Girls of Herland

Chapter 9: Our Relations and Theirs

Chapter 10: Their Religions and Our Marriages

Chapter 11: Our Difficulties

Chapter 12: Expelled

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