Suffrage Songs and Verses

Suffrage Songs and Verses

Suffrage Songs and Verses is Gilman's collection of poetry advocating the rights of women, published in 1911. Some were originally published in her 1898 work, This Our World. Visit our Feminist Literature Study Guide for other inspired works.

Table of Contents

She Walked Veiled and Sleeping


Locked Inside


Women of To-day

Boys Will Be Boys

For Fear

Mother To Child

A Question

The Housewife

Wedded Bliss


We As Women

Girls of To-day

Women To Men


The Socialist and the Suffragist

The Malingerer

The Anti-Suffragists

The "Anti" and the Fly

The Indifferent Women

Women Do Not Want It

Song for Equal Suffrage

Another Star

She Who Is To Come

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