Understood Betsy

Understood Betsy

Understood Betsy is Fisher's best known work, a beloved chapter book for young children, published in 1916. It is about a young orphaned girl named Elizabeth Ann ("Betsy" for short) sent to live with her cousins in Vermont. [Illustration by Ada C. Williamson, page 163 from the 1917 edition.]
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Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Understood Betsy, 1916

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Aunt Harriet Has a Cough

Chapter II - Betsy Holds the Reins

Chapter III - A Short Morning

Chapter IV - Betsy Goes to School

Chapter V - What Grade is Betsy?

Chapter VI - If You Don't Like Conversation in a Book, Skip This Chapter

Chapter VII - Elizabeth Ann Fails in an Exam

Chapter VIII - Betsy Starts a Sewing Society

Chapter IX - The New Clothes Fail

Chapter X - Betsy Has a Birthday

Chapter XI - "Understood Aunt Frances"

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