The Railway Children

The Railway Children

E. Nesbit's most popular children's adventure book first appeared as a serial in The London Magazine in 1905, before publication as a book in 1906. Ms. Nesbit basically invented this genre, where children have their own adventures in the real world. It's been popular ever since. The Railway Children has been adapted into movies several times.

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Table of Contents

I. The beginning of things.

II. Peter's coal-mine.

III. The old gentleman.

IV. The engine burglar.

V. Prisoners and captives.

VI. Saviours of the train.

VII. For valour.

VIII. The amateur firemen.

IX. The pride of Perks.

X. The terrible secret.

XI. The hound in the red jersey.

XII. What Bobbie brought home.

XIII. The hound's grandfather.

XIV. The End.

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