A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars (1912) is a science fantasy novel, the first in Burroughs' Barsoom series. It was published in All-Story Magazine from February – July, 1912, and as a novel in 1917. We feature it in guide to Science Fiction.

Table of Contents


Chapter I: On the Arizona Hills

Chapter II: The Escape of the Dead

Chapter III: My Advent on Mars

Chapter IV: A Prisoner

Chapter V: I Elude My Watch Dog

Chapter VI: A Fight That Won Friends

Chapter VII: Child-Raising on Mars

Chapter VIII: A Fair Captive from the Sky

Chapter IX: I Learn the Language

Chapter X: Champion and Chief

Chapter XI: With Dejah Thoris

Chapter XII: A Prisoner with Power

Chapter XIII: Love-Making on Mars

Chapter XIV: A Duel to the Death

Chapter XV: Sola Tells Me Her Story

Chapter XVI: We Plan Escape

Chapter XVII: A Costly Recapture

Chapter XVIII: Chained in Warhoon

Chapter XIX: Battling in the Arena

Chapter XX: In the Atmosphere Factory

Chapter XXI: An Air Scout for Zodanga

Chapter XXII: I Find Dejah

Chapter XXIII: Lost in the Sky

Chapter XXIV: Tars Tarkas Finds a Friend

Chapter XXV: The Looting of Zodanga

Chapter XXVI: Through Carnage to Joy

Chapter XXVII: From Joy to Death

Chapter XXVIII: At the Arizona Cave

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