Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Belgian and Arab

Chapter II: On the Road to Opar

Chapter III: The Call of the Jungle

Chapter IV: Prophecy and Fulfillment

Chapter V: The Altar of the Flaming God

Chapter VI: The Arab Raid

Chapter VII: The Jewel-Room of Opar

Chapter VIII: The Escape from Opar

Chapter IX: The Theft of the Jewels

Chapter X: Achmet Zek Sees the Jewels

Chapter XI: Tarzan Becomes a Beast Again

Chapter XII: La Seeks Vengeance

Chapter XIII: Condemned to Torture and Death

Chapter XIV: A Priestess But Yet a Woman

Chapter XV: The Flight of Werper

Chapter XVI: Tarzan Again Leads the Mangani

Chapter XVII: The Deadly Peril of Jane Clayton

Chapter XVIII: The Fight for the Treasure

Chapter XIX: Jane Clayton and the Beasts of the Jungle

Chapter XX: Jane Clayton Again a Prisoner

Chapter XXI: The Flight to the Jungle

Chapter XXII: Tarzan Recovers His Reason

Chapter XXIII: A Night of Terror

Chapter XXIV: Home

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