Tarzan the Terrible

Table of Contents

Chapter I: The Pithecanthropus

Chapter II: "To the Death!"

Chapter III: Pan-at-lee

Chapter IV: Tarzan-jad-guru

Chapter V: In the Kor-ul-gryf

Chapter VI: The Tor-o-don

Chapter VII: Jungle Craft

Chapter VIII: A-lur

Chapter IX: Blood-Stained Altars

Chapter X: The Forbidden Garden

Chapter XI: The Sentence of Death

Chapter XII: The Giant Stranger

Chapter XIII: The Masquerader

Chapter XIV: The Temple of the Gryf

Chapter XV: "The King Is Dead!"

Chapter XVI: The Secret Way

Chapter XVII: By Jad-bal-lul

Chapter XVIII: The Lion Pit of Tu-lur

Chapter XIX: Diana of the Jungle

Chapter XX: Silently in the Night

Chapter XXI: The Maniac

Chapter XXII: A Journey on a Gryf

Chapter XXIII: Taken Alive

Chapter XXIV: The Messenger of Death

Chapter XXV: Home


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