Tarzan the Untamed

Chapter I: Murder and Pillage

Chapter II: The Lion's Cave

Chapter III: In the German Lines

Chapter IV: When the Lion Fed

Chapter V: The Golden Locket

Chapter VI: Vengeance and Mercy

Chapter VII: When Blood Told

Chapter VIII: Tarzan and the Great Apes

Chapter IX: Dropped from the Sky

Chapter X: In the Hands of Savages

Chapter XI: Finding the Airplane

Chapter XII: The Black Flier

Chapter XIII: Usanga's Reward

Chapter XIV: The Black Lion

Chapter XV: Mysterious Footprints

Chapter XVI: The Night Attack

Chapter XVII: The Walled City

Chapter XVIII: Among the Maniacs

Chapter XIX: The Queen's Story

Chapter XX: Came Tarzan

Chapter XXI: In the Alcove

Chapter XXII: Out of the Niche

Chapter XXIII: The Flight from Xuja

Chapter XXIV: The Tommies

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