Tarzan the Untamed

Tarzan the Untamed

Tarzan the Untamed, Burroughs' seventh Tarzan novel, was his most controversial because it demonized Germans. Set during World War I, published in 1919, it's about the ape-man's revenge against the enemy invading Germans who destroyed his plantation and killed his wife in British East Africa. An angry and particularly violent story, perpetuating stereotypes of the Germans, meant dwindling book and movie sales in Germany henceforth.

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Table of Contents

Chapter I: Murder and Pillage

Chapter II: The Lion's Cave

Chapter III: In the German Lines

Chapter IV: When the Lion Fed

Chapter V: The Golden Locket

Chapter VI: Vengeance and Mercy

Chapter VII: When Blood Told

Chapter VIII: Tarzan and the Great Apes

Chapter IX: Dropped from the Sky

Chapter X: In the Hands of Savages

Chapter XI: Finding the Airplane

Chapter XII: The Black Flier

Chapter XIII: Usanga's Reward

Chapter XIV: The Black Lion

Chapter XV: Mysterious Footprints

Chapter XVI: The Night Attack

Chapter XVII: The Walled City

Chapter XVIII: Among the Maniacs

Chapter XIX: The Queen's Story

Chapter XX: Came Tarzan

Chapter XXI: In the Alcove

Chapter XXII: Out of the Niche

Chapter XXIII: The Flight from Xuja

Chapter XXIV: The Tommies

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