The Beasts of Tarzan

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Kidnapped

Chapter II: Marooned

Chapter III: Beasts at Bay

Chapter IV: Sheeta

Chapter V: Mugambi

Chapter VI: A Hideous Crew

Chapter VII: Betrayed

Chapter VIII: The Dance of Death

Chapter IX: Chivalry or Villainy

Chapter X: The Swede

Chapter XI: Tambudza

Chapter XII: A Black Scoundrel

Chapter XIII: Escape

Chapter XIV: Alone in the Jungle

Chapter XV: Down the Ugambi

Chapter XVI: In the Darkness of the Night

Chapter XVII: On the Deck of the "Kincaid"

Chapter XVIII: Paulvitch Plots Revenge

Chapter XIX: The Last of the "Kincaid"

Chapter XX: Jungle Island Again

Chapter XXI: The Law of the Jungle

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