The Four Just Men

The Four Just Men

The Four Just Men (1920) is one of Wallace's many popular thriller novels. Four young, wealthy vigilantes take care of justice the old-fashioned way. It was adapted as a movie in 1921, again in 1939, as well as a popular British television series in 1959.

Table of Contents

Part I - The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Chapter I - Thery's Trade

Chapter II - A Newspaper Story

Chapter III - The Faithful Commons

Chapter IV - One Thousand Pounds Reward

Chapter V - Preparations

Chapter VI - The Outrage at the 'Megaphone'

Chapter VII - The Clues

Chapter VIII - The Messenger of the Four

Chapter IX - The Pocket-Book

Chapter X - The Cupidity of Marks

Chapter XI - Three Who Died

Chapter XII - A Newspaper Cutting

Chapter XIII - Conclusion

Part II - The Council of Justice, Chapter I - The Red One Hundred

Chapter II - The Fourth Man

Chapter III - Jessen Alias Long

Chapter IV - The Red Bean

Chapter V - The Council of Justice

Chapter VI - Princess Revolutionary

Chapter VII - The Government and Mr. Jessen

Chapter VIII - An Incident in the Fight

Chapter IX - The Four Versus the Hundred

Chapter X - The Trial

Chapter XI - Manfred

Chapter XII - In Wandsworth Jail

Chapter XIII - The "Rational Faithers"

Chapter XIV - At the Old Bailey

Chapter XV - Chelmsford

Chapter XVI - The Execution

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