The Freaks of Mayfair

The Freaks of Mayfair

The Freaks of Mayfair (1916) takes aim at high society in his satire portraying this collection of "compleat snobs." Illustrated by George Plank, and dedicated to "Frank Eyes and Kindly Ears."

Table of Contents

Chapter One - The Compleat Snobs

Chapter Two - Aunt George

Chapter Three - Quack-Quack

Chapter Four - The Poison of Asps

Chapter Five - The Sea-Green Incorruptible

Chapter Six - The Eternally Uncompromised

Chapter Seven - The Grizzly Kittens

Chapter Eight - Climbers: I. The Horizontal

Chapter Nine - Climbers: II. The Perpendicular

Chapter Ten - The Spiritual Pastor

Chapter Eleven - "Sing For Your Dinner"

Chapter Twelve - The Praisers of Past Time

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