The Phantom of the Opera


Chapter I: Is it the Ghost?

Chapter II: The New Margarita

Chapter III: The Mysterious Reason

Chapter IV: Box Five

Chapter V: The Enchanted Violin

Chapter VI: A Visit to Box Five

Chapter VII: Faust and What Followed

Chapter VIII: The Mysterious Brougham

Chapter IX: At the Masked Ball

Chapter X: "Forget the Man's Voice!"

Chapter XI: Above the Trap Doors

Chapter XII: Apollo's Lyre

Chapter XIII: A Master-Stroke of the Trap-Door Lover

Chapter XIV: The Singular Attitude of a Safety-Pin

Chapter XV: Christine! Christine!

Chapter XVI: Mme. Giry's Revelations

Chapter XVII: The Safety-Pin Again

Chapter XVIII: The Commisary, the Viscount and the Persian

Chapter XIX: The Viscount and the Persian

Chapter XX: In the Cellars of the Opera

Chapter XXI: Interesting Vicissitudes of a Persian

Chapter XXII: In the Torture Chamber

Chapter XXIII: The Torture Begins

Chapter XXIV: Barrels! Barrels!

Chapter XXV: The Scorpion or the Grasshopper: Which

Chapter XXVI: The End of the Ghost's Story


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