The Odd Women

The Odd Women

The Odd Woman (1893) is Gissing's novel about the early feminist movement; one of the twenty three he published between 1880-1903.
Painting by John Singer Sargent, Lady Agnew of Lochnaw, 1892

George Gissing, The Odd Women, frontispiece
Table of Contents

Chapter I - The Fold and the Shepherd

Chapter II - Adrift

Chapter III - An Independent Woman

Chapter IV - Monica's Majority

Chapter V - The Casual Acquaintance

Chapter VI - A Camp of the Reserve

Chapter VII - A Social Advance

Chapter VIII - Cousin Everard

Chapter IX - The Simple Faith

Chapter X - First Principles

Chapter XI - At Nature's Bidding

Chapter XII - Weddings

Chapter XIII - Discord of Leaders

Chapter XIV - Motives Meeting

Chapter XV - The Joys of Home

Chapter XVI - Health from the Sea

Chapter XVII - The Triumph

Chapter XVIII - A Reinforcement

Chapter XIX - The Clank of the Chains

Chapter XX - The First Lie

Chapter XXI - Towards the Decisive

Chapter XXII - Honor in Difficulties

Chapter XXIII - In Ambush

Chapter XXIV - Tracked

Chapter XXV - The Fate of the Ideal

Chapter XXVI - The Unideal Tested

Chapter XXVII - The Reascent

Chapter XXVIII - The Burden of Futile Souls

Chapter XXIX - Confession and Counsel

Chapter XXX - Retreat with Honour

Chapter XXXI - A New Beginning

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