The Island of Doctor Moreau

The Island of Doctor Moreau

The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896) is a science fiction classic exploring the limits of what separates man and beast. There have been three major film adaptations; our favorite starred Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer (1996). Wells' book is featured in our collection of Books for Young Readers and our Science Fiction Study Guide

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: In The Dingey Of The "Lady Vain"

Chapter 2: The Man Who Was Going Nowhere

Chapter 3: The Strange Face

Chapter 4: At The Schooner's Rail

Chapter 5: The Man Who Had Nowhere To Go

Chapter 6: The Evil-Looking Boatmen

Chapter 7: The Locked Door

Chapter 8: The Crying Of The Puma

Chapter 9: The Thing In The Forest

Chapter 10: The Crying Of The Man

Chapter 11: The Hunting Of The Man

Chapter 12: The Sayers Of The Law

Chapter 13: A Parley

Chapter 14: Doctor Moreau Explains

Chapter 15: Concerning The Beast Folk

Chapter 16: How The Beast Folk Taste Blood

Chapter 17: A Catastrophe

Chapter 18: The Finding Of Moreau

Chapter 19: Montgomery's "Bank Holiday"

Chapter 20: Alone With The Beast Folk

Chapter 21: The Reversion Of The Beast Folk

Chapter 22: The Man Alone

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