Frank's Campaign or the Farm and the Camp

Table of Contents

Chapter I. The War Meeting

Chapter II. The Prize

Chapter III. Frank at Home

Chapter IV. Frank Makes a Proposition

Chapter V. Mr. Rathburn Makes a Speech

Chapter VI. Mr. Frost Makes Up His Mind

Chapter VII. Like Father, Like Son

Chapter VIII. Discouraged and Encouraged

Chapter IX. The Last Evening at Home

Chapter X. Little Pomp

Chapter XI. Punishing a Bully

Chapter XII. A Letter from the Camp

Chapter XIII. Mischief on Foot

Chapter XIV. A Raid Upon the Pig-Pen

Chapter XV. Pomp Behaves Badly

Chapter XVI. Frank Makes a Friend

Chapter XVII. A Shade of Mystery

Chapter XVIII. Thanksgiving at the Farm

Chapter XIX. The Wonderful Transformation

Chapter XX. Pomp's Education Commences

Chapter XXI. The Battle of Fredericksburg

Chapter XXII. Frank Broaches a New Plan

Chapter XXIII. Pomp Takes Mrs. Payson Prisoner

Chapter XXIV. A Chapter from Hardee

Chapter XXV. Election of Officers

Chapter XXVI. The Rebel Trap

Chapter XXVII. Pomp's Light Infantry Tactics

Chapter XXVIII. John Haynes Has a Narrow Escape

Chapter XXIX. Mr. Morton's Story

Chapter XXX. Frank Calls on Squire Haynes

Chapter XXXI. Squire Haynes Springs His Trap

Chapter XXXII. Turning the Tables

Chapter XXXIII. Conclusion

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