The Business of Being a Woman

"The object of this little volume is to call attention to a certain distrust, which the author feels in the modern woman, of the significance and dignity of the work laid upon her by Nature and by society. Its ideas are the result of a long, if somewhat desultory, observation of the professional, political, and domestic activities of women in this country and in France. These observations have led to certain definite opinions as to those phases of the woman question most in need of emphasis to-day.

A great problem of human life is to preserve faith in and zest for everyday activities. The universal easily becomes the vulgar and the burdensome. The highest civilization is that in which the largest number sense, and are so placed as to realize, the dignity and the beauty of the common experiences and obligations.

The courtesy of the publishers of the American Magazine, in permitting the use here of chapters which have appeared in that periodical, is gratefully acknowledged.

Table of Contents

Chapter I - The Business of Being a Woman

Chapter II - On the Imitation of Man

Chapter III - On the Business of Being a Woman

Chapter IV - The Socialization of the Home

Chapter V - A Woman and Her Raiment

Chapter VI - The Woman and Democracy

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