The Story of Daniel Webster

The Story of Daniel Webster

The Story of Daniel Webster was published in Baldwin's book for young Americans, Four Great Americans: Washington, Franklin, Webster, Lincoln (1897). Webster was a Congressman and Senator who became known as the ablest lawyer and advocate in America after winning the Dartmouth College case. Above all, he was remembered for his great speeches and patriotism. This story is perfect for young or reluctant readers who are building confidence with chapter books.

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Table of Contents

Chapter I: Captain Webster

Chapter II: The Youngest Son

Chapter III: Ezekiel and Daniel

Chapter IV: Plans for the Future

Chapter V: At Exeter Academy

Chapter VI: Getting Ready for College

Chapter VII: At Dartmouth College

Chapter VIII: How Daniel Taught School

Chapter IX: Daniel Goes to Boston

Chapter X: Lawyer and Congressman

Chapter XI: The Dartmouth College Case

Chapter XII:

Chapter XIII: Mr. Webster in the Senate

Chapter XIV: Mr. Webster in Private Life

Chapter XV: The Last Years

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