Tartuffe; or, The Hypocrite

by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (Moliere)

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  MADAME PERNELLE, mother of Orgon
  ORGON, husband of Elmire
  ELMIRE, wife of Orgon
  DAMIS, son of Orgon
  MARIANE, daughter of Orgon, in love with Valere
  CLEANTE, brother-in-law of Orgon
  TARTUFFE, a hypocrite
  DORINE, Mariane's maid
  M. LOYAL, a bailiff
  A Police Officer
  FLIPOTTE, Madame Pernelle's servant

The Scene is at Paris

Anton Chekhov
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Susan Glaspell
Mark Twain
Edgar Allan Poe
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Herman Melville
Stephen Leacock
Kate Chopin
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson