The Middle Class Gentleman

by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (Moliere)

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Monsieur Jourdain, bourgeois.  
Madame Jourdain, his wife.  
Lucile, their daughter. 
Nicole, maid.  
Cléonte, suitor of Lucile.  
Covielle, Cléonte's valet.  
Dorante, Count, suitor of Dorimène.  
Dorimène, Marchioness.  
Music Master.  
Pupil of the Music Master.  
Dancing Master.  
Fencing Master.  
Master of Philosophy.  
Tailor's apprentice.  
Two lackeys.  
Many male and female musicians, instrumentalists, dancers, cooks, tailor's apprentices, and others necessary for the interludes. 

The scene is Monsieur Jourdain's house in Paris.  

Anton Chekhov
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Susan Glaspell
Mark Twain
Edgar Allan Poe
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Herman Melville
Stephen Leacock
Kate Chopin
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson