The Free Rangers

Table of Contents

Chapter I. The Call

Chapter II. A Forest Envoy

Chapter III. An Invisible Chase

Chapter IV. Taking a Galleon

Chapter V. On the Great River

Chapter VI. Battle and Storm

Chapter VII. The Lone Voyager

Chapter VIII. The Chateau of Beaulieu

Chapter IX. Paul and the Spaniard

Chapter X. A Barbaric Ordeal

Chapter XI. The Spaniard's Offer

Chapter XII. The Shadow in the Forest

Chapter XIII. The White Stallion

Chapter XIV. New Orleans

Chapter XV. Before Bernardo Galvez

Chapter XVI. In Prison

Chapter XVII. The Flaw in the Armor

Chapter XVIII. Northward With the Fleet

Chapter XIX. The Battle of the Bank

Chapter XX. The Battle of the Bayou

Chapter XXI. The Defense of the Five

Chapter XXII. The Chosen Task

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