The Scouts of the Valley

Table of Contents

Chapter I. The Lone Canoe

Chapter II. The Mysterious Hand

Chapter III. The Hut on the Islet

Chapter IV. The Red Chiefs

Chapter V. The Iroquois Town

Chapter VI. The Evil Spirit's Work

Chapter VII. Catharine Montour

Chapter VIII. A Change of Tenants

Chapter IX. Wyoming

Chapter X. The Bloody Rock

Chapter XI. The Melancholy Flight

Chapter XII. The Shades of Death

Chapter XIII. A Forest Page

Chapter XIV. The Pursuit on the River

Chapter XV. "The Alcove"

Chapter XVI. The First Blow

Chapter XVII. The Deserted Cabin

Chapter XVIII. Henry's Slide

Chapter XIX. The Safe Return

Chapter XX. A Gloomy Council

Chapter XXI. Battle of the Chemung

Chapter XXII. Little Beard's Town

Chapter XXIII. The Final Fight

Chapter XXIV. Down the Ohio

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